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With the spike in the unemployment rate early on in this COVID-19 pandemic many business owners were kind of excited.  This might sound counterintuitive, but these owners were excited because they were hoping it would now be easier to find good people.  This is especially true for folks in the trades.

One of the things these owners were hoping for was for many of the white collar folks who lost their jobs would want to switch careers and look to something that is “essential” so they won’t be forced to stop working.  But it hasn’t happened.

Our clients in the trades aren’t seeing a huge influx of good candidates applying for their job openings.  Instead, they continue to get more than half of the folks who sign up for an interview pulling a “no call, no show” when it comes time for the first interview.  Most folks in a professional/white collar environment can’t even fathom someone not showing up for an interview they scheduled.

So how do we fix this or at least make some progress?  We started the conversation on today’s show.  Let’s get this fixed and make it cool again to work with your hands!

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