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It’s one of those statements you’ve likely heard at different points throughout your life.  And if you’re a business owner you’ve either uttered those words or certainly thought about it a lot.  It truly is lonely at the top.  So what does this mean and why is it so lonely when you’re running your small business?

Some of the more common factors we find that make it a lonely place as a small business owner include:

  • No one to talk to (even your spouse or significant other gets tired of hearing about the business and day-to-day achievements or struggles; well intentioned advisers like CPAs and attorneys can be great when it comes to tax or legal issues but not so much with the daily grind)
  • Job vs. owner mentality (chances are most folks you Know Like and Trust including many family and friends are well intentioned but they have jobs which makes it nearly impossible for them to relate to your situation and truly understand what you are going through)
  • Overwhelmed/not sure what to focus on (with so many things vying for your attention every day as a business owner you can often feel it’s a struggle to just keep your head above water which is especially the case when you’re not sure which things you should focus on vs. pass off to someone else vs. simply ignore)
  • Imposter syndrome (one of the dirty secrets of small business is that most people think the business owner has all the answers because the owner is usually the most informed about all of the things that are going on in the business, but when you are running a small business there are new things popping up all the time and quite often you’re just guessing as to what to do next. Instead of saying, “I don’t know” or “What do you think we should do” the owner will often bark out a directive and hope that no one figures out that she doesn’t have all the answers.)

It’s easy to doubt yourself when you get stuck in your own head which is why it’s key to find other business owners you can connect with on a regular basis.  If you haven’t found those fellow business owners yet, do a quick search in your local area to see what business owner groups exist.  With our worldwide connectivity you can also start looking online to see if there are some virtual groups to connect with.  Perhaps you could even use a good business coach who has been where you are before and can provide some of that guidance and solace.  Whatever you do, understand that you truly are not alone!

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