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During tonight’s show we were joined by Joni Fedders, President of Aileron (, a non-profit with the goal of helping private business owners like you find greater success.  Joni was also a business owner prior to joining Aileron and had some fun and helpful stories to share (does worrying about making payroll or losing your house resonate)!

Some of the topics we covered included the shift from the for-profit world to the non-profit world, the emotional parts of business especially when it comes to the people, and how Joni flipped from swearing off business partners after a bad experience to now being an advocate for partnerships!  

Joni also touched on a couple of key things that have lead to the success of Aileron which includes having more of the for-profit mindset vs. non-profit as well as focusing on the “community” of small private businesses.  Giving owners who are feeling lonely a place to go.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

Aileron (

Scrooged (