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One of the first things we do with all of our clients is have them complete an Extended DISC assessment ( Chances are if you’ve been in business for more than a decade that you’ve participated in DISC or something similar. It’s also likely that you haven’t been equipped to use these assessments to their fullest. In fact we have found that many people are asked to complete a questionnaire and were either never given the report or never had anyone explain the results to them.

During the show tonight we shared several stories of how DISC has impacted us, our clients, and the world around us.  We also had some fun talking about celebrities.  In any case, DISC is one of those things that you should be using every day of your life to help you better understand and react to situations you encounter.

We also chatted about how to adjust or modify your style if you are dealing with the opposing styles (i.e. “C” style dealing with an “I” or an “S” working with a “D”).  We’ve included a link to these notes with a helpful file to give you some good insights as well as a grid we described during the show to help you place yourself and others on the board.  Enjoy!

Free DISC Resources

CLICK HERE to access the free DISC resources that we discussed in the podcast.


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