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So with all the changes going on in 2020, we are now up against some of the final changes as the year comes to an end.  Gone are all the holiday get togethers with friends and family and business associates.  And while many of you may be celebrating not having to attend your spouse’s company holiday party, just as many are probably missing out on that white elephant gift!  This got us to thinking, what’s everyone doing to celebrate the holidays in their businesses?

One of the blessings of being forced to make changes like we have in 2020 is that if forces us to ask a lot of “why” questions.  Why do we do things this way in our business?  Why does everyone have to be in the office to work?  Why do we have holiday parties?  During the show we address many of these why questions and get to the bottom of what all these celebrations are supposed to do and touch on some different things you can try this year!

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