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Something most small business owners don’t do well is share information with their team.  It’s not their fault as most small business owners don’t understand why they should share certain information.  In fact, decades ago you’d be hard pressed to find any small business owner sharing information with their team.  “They should be glad they have a job,” was a common refrain.

During tonight’s show we share not only the “Why” for sharing information about your company but also talked about “What” to share, “How” to share it, as well as “Who” to share it with.  If you’re able to get past the why part then you’ll find out that we recommend that you share everything with your team…except what people make in terms of compensation. We like to keep things simple and go with our 7 Keys to Success when figuring out what to present.

As you might already appreciate, it’s certainly important to understand what you should be sharing but it’s also key how you share it as well.  Hint, sharing a bunch of detailed numbers or overloading people with a 50 page slideshow is not a good way to go. Initially, it’s also not a good idea to have other folks leading the sharing, it should be you as the business owner leading the way.  On the who front we gave examples of sharing with your team, vendors, and customers. The message for each audience should be tweaked.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your team and ultimately your company, properly sharing your company’s info might be the key next step you need to take.  Only one way to find out, enjoy the show!

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