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Join us this week when we will be joined in studio by Jason Henkel and Matt White of ShotStop Ballistics ( which provides body armor and other ballistics protection which are lighter weight and work as well or better than most options currently available.  Both Jason and Matt have been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures and they shared many of their stories with us tonight.

Some of the lessons shared on tonight’s show included stick with something even if it doesn’t work at first as Matt shared a story about a business he was involved in that wasn’t successful at first because folks weren’t ready to change their behavior yet but they kept at it and it became successful.  Jason talked about being careful who you listen to, including yourself!

Jack asked Matt and Jason to share the biggest key to entrepreneurs being successful.  Jason said he focuses on being the influencer instead of being influenced by the outside world.  He went further to talk about the importance of choice and we can always choose how we are going to approach this.  Matt said he wrote a book about his key to success which is to Stop Selling Start Helping (  If you look to help people vs. looking to “sell” them something, it works out better for everyone.


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