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Family can be a blessing and a curse.  That’s true whether you are talking about real life or your business.  At times we can become too “familiar” with each other.  Usually when that happens with family in the business we will overlook things that we wouldn’t otherwise overlook in our employees or business partners who aren’t family.  Too often, it comes to the point where someone needs to leave.  So what do you do?

Some of the questions we addressed tonight include:

  • How do I tell my mom to stop coming to work?
  • How do I tell my brother I can’t work with him any more?
  • How do I treat all my kids equally and not play favorites?

We also shared several real-world stories for how these questions and issues have been addressed both successfully and not so successfully.  Enjoy!

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

Join Us Next Time

Join us next week when we will talk about more Family Business Issues.  This time we will focus on how you take the emotion out of business decisions.  It starts with focusing on what’s best for the Organization.