Faith and small businessJack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter business partners and business coaches of Maximum Value Partners and cohosts of the weekly Dirty Secrets of Small Business radio show and podcasts discuss the topic of how do you incorporate faith into your business life.

Adam referenced the 2016 movie Hacksaw Ridge where the main character enlisted to fight in World War II but did not want to carry a gun or kill anyone due to his strong religious beliefs. The movie brings out the concept of being true to your beliefs, your values and your virtues while also navigating the world around you.

In today’s business world, people are often suspicious of anyone who leads with announcing their religious orientation. According to Adam, it’s sometimes seen that you are like a TV evangelist. If you are leading with your religious announcement could it be that you are deflecting something else in your background or business? Or are you just being comfortable sharing your beliefs? The old adage is not to talk about politics or religion and you need to be politically correct to hide your feelings and your beliefs. Is that really the best way to interact in a business setting?

How do you incorporate faith in your business without losing business and how do you not take it personally if the reaction is not the positive response you wanted? Jack says you have to put things into perspective and learn how to digest the feedback. Sometimes you just might have to spit out the feedback and move on. If you are part of a small company you can rarely ignore it. The intent from the person giving the feedback is not usually meant to upset someone. It may be that the comment happened in a wave of emotion or was said in an incorrect way… “I really didn’t mean to say it that way.” It may be too late to try and rewind or correct it at that point.

Even if you don’t like how someone is saying something to you…focus on what they are saying rather than on how they deliver it to you. The seventh key of the 7 Keys to Success is about presenting, which is important in one-to-one communications between you the small business owner and your employee, vendor or client.

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