We are feeling old as we celebrate another Dirty Secrets of Small Business milestone with our 200th episode!  Who would have though 4 years ago that a couple of radio/podcast novices like us would still be going strong?  It’s been a fun ride and we feel like we’re just starting to hit our stride!

We mentioned we wanted to do some special things to mark the occasion and we started with giving away some money…$200 to be exact which was given out during the show tonight as we awarded $50 each to one caller each segment.  Congratulations to our winners Raymond, Jeff, Victoria, and Julie!

In between handing out money, we reviewed a myriad of the most popular “how” questions we’ve covered both on the air as well as off the air over the years including:

  • How Come I Have Profit But No Cash?
  • How Do I Know When I Can Afford To Hire Someone?
  • How Do I Find How Much Debt I Have In My Business?
  • How Do I Know How Much I Spent on Marketing?

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

Kip Marlowe (https://www.news-herald.com/business/willoughby-resident-kip-marlow-uses-business-expertise-to-serve-as/article_df621180-aeec-11e9-8a32-bf0789ea897b.html)

Join Us Next Time

Join us next week when we will be joined by Scott Sofer the owner of Bickford Flavors (https://www.bickfordflavors.com) a provider of over 200 stock flavors to the food and beverage industry.  Scott is a 3rd generation entrepreneur, has owned several companies, and is passionate about giving back and helping young people learn about entrepreneurship.