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In the final part of our 3-part series on Marketing Channels we focus on the Passive Marketing Channels.  In the prior two shows in the series we focused on the Short Term and Long Term Channels.

When we talk about Marketing, we will often point out that as a small business owner you are balancing the spending of time vs. money.  Many of the Short and Long Term Channels take more time than money to execute.  Think of Short Term things like getting Referrals through your Know Like Trust list and conducting Workshops vs. Long Term Channels like Networking or Creating Content!  Those are all very time intensive with minimal money invested.

The Passive activities typically involve less time and more money.  Think of things like Advertising (print, digital, online, radio, television), your web site, and promotional items (clothing, pens, mugs).  While you’ll spend some time on each of these Passive items, chances are you’ll spend more money than time on these items.

We advise our small business owner clients to have at least one of each of these Marketing Channels when pulling together their Marketing Plan.  Most business owners have to fight the urge to focus on Short Term Channels only.  While adding in some Long Term and Passive Channels are not likely to drive sales leads to the business in the next few months, if done well they can drive consistent leads to your business for years to come.  And in the future you’ll look back at today and wish you had started some of those Long Term and Passive activities now!

The question for you is how to balance those three Marketing Channel categories for your business.  Click here to download the Marketing Channels by Category 1-pager we discussed during the show.

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