In This Episode

Today we were joined on the show by Sherry and Dan Jones. They were clients of ours when they owned their franchise business Seniors Helping Seniors.  We not only helped them grow their business but we also helped them with a successful exit of their business.

We covered a lot during our chat but some of the highlights include:

  • Importance of their experience with their “welded” family and how that enabled difficult discussions and a sense of doing it together and respecting each other’s opinions;
  • Wrestling with how to “turn it off” when it comes to your business and how your mind is going nonstop even when you empower your team to get things done; and
  • Importance of having time away together as a couple and get away from the business so they could focus on each other and their relationship.

We are so blessed to have wonderful clients like the Jones’s who are also willing to share some of their stories of success and hardship, especially when it comes to working with your spouse.  We think you’ll enjoy hearing their story!

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