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We hear all the time from frustrated small business owners who say all they need is a business plan.  When we ask them why, it’s usually based on them hearing that from a bunch of people who ask them what their plan is for the business.  What does this even mean?

Early on in MVP we even avoided using the “P” word with business owners because we thought we’d lose them and we weren’t sure what they were hearing when they heard the word “Plan”.  We quickly learned it was better not to avoid the word Plan idea altogether but instead we had to redefine what a plan looks like.

Enter the 3 Circles and 7 Keys To Success to help frame this question.  We wanted to get business owners away from thinking they need to pull together a 50-page business plan with all kids of pie charts and graphs.  Unless you’re going out to raise money you don’t need this type of formalized business plan.

During the show tonight we delved into how to pull together a functioning business plan for your business and shared several success stories for how this has helped our coaching clients.  Enjoy!

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