IMG_1565-opt3In this segment of Dirty Secrets of Small Business, radio show hosts: Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter, business partners of Maximum Value Partners tell small business owners: “Be Yourself!”

How many owners in small businesses try to be someone else when they should just be themselves? Jack and Adam help their clients be comfortable in their own skin. MVP uses a simply but powerful behavior assessment tool called Extended DISC with each coaching client,.

By taking 10 minutes to answer 24 questions clients are amazed at what they can learn about their own natural behavior style and how others perceive them. This is tremendously helpful in understanding personal strengths and areas to develop and helps MVP’s clients feel comfortable in their own skin. The results also provide insights for how to interact most effectively with their teams and clients, especially when those people have different natural styles.

In this week’s Dirty Secrets of Small Business myth, Jack and Adam also cover why it is important to be involved in politics for your small business. They debunk the myth that small business owners don’t have time for politics.

Tune in to hear Jack’s How Come? segment where he talks about American Sign Language and if it is truly universal in the communication process.

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