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Today we were joined on the show by entrepreneur Drew Taylor, co-owner of Clubhouse Trailer Company.  Drew was kind enough to share part of the journey that he and his business partner Jeff Hadley have been on since starting their company over 10 years ago.

It started out with them meeting as “band dads” who both had kids in the high school band and neither of them was good at sitting around and not doing things.  So when the band director asked them to do stuff they always said yes.  Including when she asked them to find her a better trailer.  Little did they know that saying “yes” to finding a better trailer would turn both of their lives upside down over the next decade to where other band directors wouldn’t take no for an answer either.

Drew talked about how they pushed back on people asking them to build trailers for them and instead offered to share all the info they had gathered with the other band dads.  But no one else took the bait.  So it took 7 years for them to build their first 10 trailers and they’ve built another 135 over the last 4 years once Drew and eventually Jeff decided to go full-time with the business.

Along the way they’ve narrowed down their approach to a handful of guiding principles that Drew referred to as “4 + 1” which have been imperative in their successful growth.  These principles include:

  • People
  • Process
  • Profit
  • Impact
  • Innovation

We think you’ll enjoy listening to the Clubhouse Trailer Company story and hopefully be inspired by it like we were.  Opportunities to create a business are often right in front of us.  Unfortunately too many folks aren’t saying yes to the opportunity.


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