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As you’ve probably heard and experienced first hand, it’s never been more difficult to attract and retain good people for your business.  The number of people resigning or simply no-calling/no-showing for work or interviews is continuing to increase.  So what’s a business owner to do?

In our minds it starts with an owner who is worth following.  Some owners have a natural charisma that attracts people.  But most of us don’t.  So how do we attract and retain good people so we can grow our businesses?  It starts with answering a few questions:

  • Where is your company going over the next 5-10 years?
  • What are you doing as an owner to get your team involved in decision making?
  • How are you evolving as a Leader?
  • What type of flexibility do you offer to your people?

Our experience has shown that the more you get your team involved in both the planning and execution of that plan the better chance you’ll have for success when it comes to attracting and retaining good people.  Part of the beauty when you get your team involved is that the plan becomes “ours” vs. “yours” so people naturally take ownership.

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