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Usually three-letter words are OK, it’s the four-letter words you need to avoid!  Yet it’s hard to find too many people having FUN in their businesses today with all the changes that are being introduced and forced upon us due to COVID-19.  The real question is, were you having fun in your business before all this coronavirus stuff hit?  Unfortunately we find too many business owners who aren’t having fun in their business any more.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

During this episode we cover some of the biggest “fun-drainers” in your business and what to do about them.  We also offer some suggestions for new things to try and inject some fun back into your business.  Keep in mind the definition of what constitutes fun is likely to be different for an owner vs. employees.  Look for things to celebrate in your business.  Don’t get so worked up with the day-to-day issues of your business.  Celebrate things like birthdays, new babies, closed sales, etc.  Your attitude as the owner is important to set the pace for your team around having fun.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, especially in this current virtual world we live in.

If you aren’t having fun in your business, a good starting place is to figure out why you’re not having fun.  Some of the biggest “fun-drainers” in your business involve your people and your money.  After all, when you have good people and the money is flowing it’s almost impossible not to have fun!  But when your people and your cash aren’t right the fun can be hard to find.  Good news here though.  Since you’re the owner and the one in charge, you can actually do something about those or other “fun-drainers” in your business.  The question is, will you do what it takes to get the fun back into your business?


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