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One of the best predictors of success in any aspect of your life is your coachability.  How coachable are you?  Are you what we often refer to as an “old steel guy” who knows everything?  Or are you the one who’s always looking for ways to get better and improve and achieve your goals even faster?

One of the things we learned early on in our coaching practice is that not everyone is coachable.  And even those who are coachable, have different levels of coachability.  We’ve been blessed over 20 years together of coaching hundreds of business owners together.  Many of those owners achieved more than they ever dreamt of and often in a shorter timeframe.

So what are you waiting for?  Here are some key questions to figure out if you would benefit from having a coach:

  • Ask: are you willing to ask for help? To admit you don’t know everything?  That someone else might be better at certain things than you are?  Even if that someone isn’t in your particular industry?  Keep these things in mind next time you’re hiring someone.
  • Accept: OK so maybe you’re willing to ask for help…are you willing to accept the help? We’ve met a lot of folks over the years who always ask for help, but all they really want is someone to arm wrestle or spar with.
  • Pushed: do you like to be pushed? You may have heard this referred to as being held accountable.  We prefer to think of it as a gentle nudge, or perhaps shove, in the right direction.
  • Belly Button Test: how do you handle feedback? Is it taken as constructive criticism to help you get better or do you take it personally?  If you haven’t learned to protect your belly button, you likely won’t get all that you can out of feedback.
  • Mistakes/Failure: guess what, you’re not perfect and we all know it. Too often we see business owners not trying new things because they’re afraid of making mistakes along the way.  One thing we’ve noticed entrepreneurs do well is they build the plane while it’s flying…sometimes just making sure it stays in the air!

We covered these and many other topics in the show today.

No matter where you are in your life, career, or business, you can benefit from the help of a good coach.  But if you’re good where you’re at, then don’t worry, the rest of us will be happy to let you stay where you are!

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