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Jack and I have been involved at just about every level of organizations you can imagine.  From multi billion dollar public companies to start ups to all kinds of volunteer and other non-profit organizations not to mention our personal and family lives.  One of the things we’ve noticed is that people will often play one of three roles in an organization: i) Joiner, ii) Doer, or iii) Leader.

Which one are you?  Which of these are you trying to attract to your organization?  We spent some time during the show tonight to define and give examples of these folks.  The Joiners are the folks who are usually overcommitted and can’t make all the meetings or events because they are involved in so many things.  This makes it hard to count on them to be the point person for things.  The Doers are those folks who are more behind the scenes but really make everything run.  Think about events you’ve been to either at your company or with a volunteer organization.  Somehow all those things got set up and organized.  It’s like the Keebler Elves showed up to get everything done.  These Doers don’t like the spot light.

Now for the Leaders, which can be one that is a little more confusing.  A good place to start looking is at the person or people who are running things like Presidents or committee heads.  But don’t stop there.  One of the underestimated strengths of a good leader is their ability to fill the holes in an organization.  In other words, great Leaders provide what the organization needs or is missing.

So if you’re looking for new people for your organization, which ones are you trying to attract?  We contend that if you find ones who can be all 3 (Joiner, Doer, Leader) then you will have great success in your organization.  If you can be one of those people, you also will have great success in all your endeavors.

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