In This Episode

We are joined in studio by Alex Gertsburg, owner of The Gertsburg Law Firm (, a law firm that is quite unlike other law firms you’ve encountered.  In fact, The Gertsburg Law Firm is the result of lessons Alex learned earlier in his career working for a combination of big law firms and then going in house where he had to hire outside counsel.  In short, Alex couldn’t find the right firm to work for or hire so he created it!

Would you believe there are attorneys who are responsive (i.e. they get back to you in 24 hours or less), focus on value-based vs. hourly billing, and attorneys who invite their clients to reduce their bills? Almost sounds too simple and too good to be true.

So yes, Alex is a lawyer who can relate to other business owners who have had bad lawyer experiences and Alex shared several of those experiences on the show tonight including firing attorneys.  During the show tonight Alex shared several reasons why he believes most lawyers aren’t able to connect properly with clients and why things are a mess with how people hire their attorneys.

Alex and his team also have a unique approach to business law with CoverMySix ( which is focused on protecting your business from the six plaintiffs who can sue or investigate your company: customers, vendors, owners, employees, competitors, and the government. He also chatted about a few of his podcasts: The Best Podcast Ever, Mind Your Cannabusiness, GLF Legal Talks.  We think you’ll really enjoy this fresh approach to the legal field!

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