John Sonnhalter, Founder of Ohio Industrial Advertising (dba Sonnhalter)

We are joined in studio by John Sonnhalter, the Founder of Ohio Industrial Advertising dba Sonnhalter, a B2T marketing firm specializing in helping companies who target professional trances men in the construction, industrial and MRO markets.

Business Plans – What Are They and Do You Need One (Part 1)?

We hear all the time from frustrated small business owners who say all they need is a business plan.  When we ask them why, it’s usually based on them hearing that from a bunch of people who ask them what their plan is for the business.  What does this even mean?

Dirty Secrets of Small Business

Family Business Issues – When Is It Time To Leave? (Part 1)

Family can be a blessing and a curse.  That’s true whether you are talking about real life or your business.  At times we can become too “familiar” with each other.  Usually when that happens with family in the business we will overlook things that we wouldn’t otherwise overlook in our employees or business partners who aren’t family.  Too often, it comes to the point where someone needs to leave.  So what do you do?

Alex Gertsburg Owner of The Gertsburg Law Firm

Alex Gertsburg Owner of The Gertsburg Law Firm

We are joined in studio by Alex Gertsburg, owner of The Gertsburg Law Firm), a law firm that is quite unlike other law firms you’ve encountered.  In fact, The Gertsburg Law Firm is the result of lessons Alex learned earlier in his career working for a combination of big law firms and then going in house where he had to hire outside counsel.  In short, Alex couldn’t find the right firm to work for or hire so he created it

Bill Streb of Streb Electric

Bill Streb Owner of Streb Electric – Second Generation Business

In this episode we were joined in studio by Bill Streb, owner of Streb Electric a second generation electrical services company.  During the show Bill shared several stories about how he got into the family business and eventually purchased it, including breaking the news to his wife!

Dirty Secrets of Small Business

Family Business Issues – What’s Best For The Organization?

Small business can be emotional.  This isn’t a good or bad thing.  It’s just a thing.  It can be a great thing if you can get your team emotionally connected to the business where they start to take ownership of their decisions and activities.

Dirty Secrets of Small Business

How Do I Prepare To Sell My Business?

So you’ve been running your business for years or even decades.  Some days you hardly have time to think.  But you heard about a friend who recently sold her business or your spouse is asking when you’re going to retire.  So how do you know you’re ready to sell your business?  What do you need to do to get your business ready to sell?

Dirty Secrets of Small Business

How Do I Get Ready To Take Over the Business?

For the last two shows we spent some time talking about this topic of transitioning a business from the owner’s perspective. Tonight, we flipped the script to talk about it from the next generation’s standpoint. While some of the questions are similar the perspective and decisions will be different